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Amanda at PurseBlog chimes in on our Fest series.  I love the smart discussion and all the comments.  I’m really moved by people who get what we do - cultural commentary that’s hopefully funny and chic.  I love fashion and iconography.  We make tributes.  We certainly don’t “go after” or “target” anyone.  Whether or not we’re on the same page, I’m always happy to read thoughtful posts from authorities on luxury bags!

I actually like these totes. They are a fun take off the real ones and should not be taken so seriously. I think of it as a flattering compliment that they would choose a certain bag as it reflects that that particular bag is the “it” bag of the season. Its not like they are knocking off the bags in a cheaper form… its just an image on a canvas tote. I have real Chanel, Balenciaga, and Proenza bags and I own a … Thursday Friday tote which I use as a great beach bag or travel tote! I carry both the tote and my real bag at the same time when traveling and I think its a fun mix!